dimanche 19 octobre 2014


Hey! What's up guys? How are you doing? Give me some good news!

I use to really hate sundays, because not doing anything for an entire day used to piss me off a bit… 

But times have changed!

Maybe because i'm getting a bit older, but now, nothing please me more than Sundays! 

I mean come on, having a lie in, late breakfast, wearing chill clothes, lazy afternoons, HUGE Sunday dinner feast and finishing the day with a movie night; it's quite the best day ever! 

It's the recipe for a quite relax day, and that's what i am all about. 

Here's what i have been listenning to for a few days now, hopefully you will like it as much as i do!  (ENJOY!)

Thanks for reading, and i will see you, next week!

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