dimanche 12 octobre 2014


Hey! What's up guys? How are you doing? Give me some good news!

Today, i thought that i would write you a cheeky article to let you know a few things about me!
This has been a thing on Youtube, several youtubers making a video about it, and i thought, i'm not a youtuber, so why not just write it down on a blogpost? 

So… Let's get started, shall we?!

1. I'm 22 years Old
2. I'm From Belgium
3. I'm obsessed with fashion and food (If you've been following me for a while now, it's no surprise!)
4. I never finished college
5. Engish is not my mother tongue, French is
6. I love travelling and i lived almost a year aboard in Australia
7. Seven is my favourite number 
8. I don't really like meat
9. I don't really eat fish either
10. I LOVE wine
11. I can't drive
12. I love to sketch shoes
13. I studied graphic design in High School
14. My friends call me Kiki
15. I have two brothers
16. I hate working out
17. I love writing on actual paper
18. I hate scary movies
19. I love cooking
20. I adore Beyoncé
21. I think that Karl Lagerfeld is the best designer in the world (And he is my inspiration)
22. I think that Riccardo Tisci is the best 2nd one! 
23. I have a collection of at least, two dozens of scarfs
24. I'm still sometimes scared of sleeping in the dark (Don't judge!)
25. I love storms
26. I take (way) too much selfies
27. I love concerts
28. I use to do theater but i stopped because i was to shy to perform in front of people
29. I'm scared to death of wasps and spiders
30. I spend to much time on the internet (But i'm super cool with that)

Hope this post helped you to know me a little better!
Thanks for reading, and i will see you, next week! 

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