dimanche 26 octobre 2014


What's up guys? Are you doing? Give me some good news! 

Today's article is going to be slightly different. 
Let me explain, through out the blog, i also want to talk to you about people that i admire, places that i like to go to, things that make me feel happy! 

For this first article i thought that it be great to talk to you about one of my two favorite youtubers also known as Jacksgap.

For some people Youtube is just a place where you do random tags and sometimes a place where people (Who got it all wrong) try to be "Internet Famous".

For some others its all about art and content, and I just can't believe how talented the Harries Twins are, also known as Jack & Finn. 
Every new video they upload is better than the previous one. 
These kids are a true, pure, genuine talent, and thanks to the internet community, we can see them rising and shinning. I always have been, and always will be a fan of these two, and i will definitely not be surprise if one day, they're nominated for an Oscar because their documentaries are just on point. The subjects are great, the edit is an A+, but mostly, it's their fresh/young age about what they create that i totally admire. 

Here is their last video the made in collaboration with Skype!


Please make sure to check them out if you, as much as i do, like great content on the internet. 

You can follow them on Youtube, Twitter and their Blog

Hope you guys enjoy this, and i will see you next week!

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